St Joseph's Pre-school
111 Oxhey Drive, Watford, Herts WD19 7SW      Tel: 020 8428 6465

Parents are always welcome to visit the setting and we encourage parents to participate in their child's learning. This may be in various ways such as volunteering to help in the pre-school, contributing towards children's learning journey records and continuing the learning theme of the day at home. We ask that parent's supply information on their child before they start with us to enable us to plan a curriculum to develop their individual child. If you have any concerns or questions in regard to your child's learning please do not hesitate to speak to us.Weare committed to working in partnership with parents and any other professionals or settings that the child attends  to develop children in all areas. We will use observations of the child and information based on the individual  child's interests from parents and other professionals involved with the child to plan possible next steps of development for the child.  We provide regular verbal feedback at drop off or collection times. Your child's key person will do regular observations and planning for your child. The curriculum plan for each day/week is displayed on the window and we would be grateful if parents could continue and extend  learning at home.  

There is a useful guide produced by the Dept Of Education on what parents can expect in the 0-5 years age band with tips on how to aid development. Please click here for more information.

We operate a key person system. This ‘key person’ will take the time to find out from you about your child’s interests, likes, dislikes and special requirements. Although the key person will be your main point of contact, all staff will be happy to feedback on your child’s developmental progress on a daily basis or discuss any concerns with you. Your child’s key person will also keep records of your child’s progress and achievements

Our pre-school is non-profit making, with fees charged to cover costs. Fees are required to be paid weekly in advance on the first day your child attends the session for the week. Fees continue to be charged for any sessions your child cannot attend. This is to ensure a place is keep open for your child.

Please ensure children are collected on time at the end of their session. Although staff always seek to reassure children they will be collected, some children become distressed by the fact they are not collected on time. Late collections may also mean that staff who have other commitments, cannot leave to fulfill these as planned. Late collections are logged, as sometimes they can be an early indicator that families may need extra support from statutory services. Late collection fees are charged to cover the extra premises rental and staffing costs involved.

We ask for a donation of 2 pieces of fruit from each child, each week. This is cut up and shared out with all the children at snack time. Pre-school encourages children to sit at a table during snack time with other children, to enable the development of good table manners and social skills. The children are supplied with a healthy drink of either water or milk with the fruit.

Our Pre-school has a healthy eating policy and we ask that all packed lunches contain healthy foods. We ask that parents do not put fizzy or sugary drinks in lunch boxes and avoid sugary or fatty foods. We have a healthy lunchbox leaflet with ideas of what an appropriate lunch would be. Due to some children having severe intolerance's  we do not allow nuts or products containing nuts in Pre-school. We ask that lunch bags contain an ice pack to keep food fresh. We are not able to heat foods or prepare hot lunches in pre-school. 

If your child is still in nappies or not fully toilet trained when they attend sessions, we ask that you send in a small bag each day with spare clothing, nappies, wipes and trainer pants for your child, which can be used in the event of soiling accidents.

Please let us know in advance if anyone other than you will be collecting your child, as we log this in a book and will only allow your child to go with someone authorized in advance by you to collect them. When your child starts in the setting you will be asked to give a 4 digit pin number which anyone collecting your child will be asked to state. Please keep this pin information secure and only give the number out to people authorised to collect.

Please let us know if you change your address or telephone number, so we can update our records.

Please note that the use of mobile phones is prohibited as part of our safeguarding of children policy.








Book Share Scheme: 

Children are encouraged to choose a book to take home and share with parents. We supply book bags which are on loan while your child is in Pre-school.